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Wool Cover Hire
Wool Cover Hire

Wool Cover Hire

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A lovely stretchy wool cover to be used over a fitted nappy, or a prefold secured with a Snappi. Breathable and super comfy for baby. They can also be used over any regular nappy as an extra protection, or even over a disposable nappy as a last line of leak protection! 

  • Only needs to be washed (And re-lanolised) every few weeks, or if soiled
  • Hire Wool Covers are often new, but they have sometimes been used, sanitised and re-lanolised
  • All hire Wool Covers come lanolised and ready to use
  • Comes with a small pot of lanolin and instructions 
  • You will be sent the appropriate size, please let us know if you have special requirements or requests for the size.
  • We send either Baby BeeHinds or Fudgey Pants, let us know if you prefer one or the other