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Our Story

We are regular kiwi parents trying to make a positive change in the world. Although we wish we were super-parents teaching our kids sign language and re-upholstering vintage furniture in our spare time, we are just normal parents; doing our best and enjoying each messy imperfect moment. 

Through our own cloth nappy experience, we saw the need for an affordable and simple way to give cloth nappies a go, without the massive commitment, without all the mistakes, and without all the researching.

We have now been helping parents to have success with cloth for 6 years and we continue to be blown away by how many parents are keen to give it a go and then continue with cloth after their hire. The positive feedback (and cute photos we get sent) keep us going!

As Mrs NappyMojo, I wear the pants around here. I'm a Neonatal Nurse and a work at home Mum. He is Mr NappyMojo, and follows orders when required. Miss Mojo and Master Mojo are everything and they’ve got Mojo by the bucketload.