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Conscious Purchasing

The difference when buying nappies at NappyMojo, is that we want you to make the right buying decisions, no regrets, just nappies that you will love forever!  We strongly recommend hiring before buying in order to be sure that the purchase you make is right for you and your little one.

The perfect nappy is not going to be the same for everyone, this is why we stock such a large range. We don’t stock every nappy, but we make sure we have a range that covers all preferences. Finding the perfect nappy is a case of finding the balance between the absorbency type, absorbency level, trimness, drying time,  and ease of use that suits you and your baby. For this reason we provide our honest reviews of each of these factors on all the product pages. 

Absorbency Type

Some people prefer natural fibre absorbency- cotton, bamboo or hemp. Others prefer the fast absorbency and fast drying properties of microfibre. 

Absorbency Level

The NappyMojo Absorbency Level Scale is our own scoring on absorbency of each nappy. These ratings are our own personal reviews. Keep in mind that a 100% microfibre nappy may be the same absorbency as a natural fibre nappy, but it will be more prone to compression leaks as liquid squishes out of microfibre when compressed, such as in a car seat or baby carrier. 


Width between the legs and how low the nappy sits can be make or break for  wearing a sweet pair of skinny jeans, for others its not a concern, tights, harem pants and stretch fabrics are your friend! Check out our trimness score on each nappy to find something that suits your needs.

Drying Time

Our drying score is based on the dry time of a nappy when hanging compared to  other nappies. Often the more absorbent a nappy, the longer it will take to dry. Natural fibres always take longer than microfibre. All nappies can be dried in the dryer (With care taken not to overdry waterproofing and elastics).

Ease of Use

The score takes into account any folding, snapping, tucking or matching that is involved when nappy comes out of the wash, as well as how difficult it is to secure to baby. All nappies are easy once you know them, but an extra easy nappy can be great for carers, grandparents or anyone else who isn’t used to changing cloth nappies regularly. 

If its all too hard, let us know, we can help!