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Collection: Fluffy Ducks

An Intro to Fluffy Ducks

 My name is Sheree, I am the designer, creator and owner of Fluffy Ducks.

My husband and I are English. We moved to New Zealand after we married in 2014 and our love affair with the Country was instant, we knew this is where we wanted to live and raise a family.

We have always been an environmentally conscious family so using reusable nappies was always going to be a thing we did. After using a range of styles with our first born, we really struggled to find anything that was working well enough, in terms of fit and function.  I have always been creative, I crochet & sew amongst other things, so I decided to make my own MCN. I wanted it to be trim, stylish and above all functional. I went through about 4/5 designs until I settled on ‘the one’.  Hubby loved it so much he suggested that I put it out there as others may be struggling the same as we did.

We named the business so, because our son was born with a lock of hair that stuck up and earned his nickname, fluffy duck.

I’ve been asked why we do not have a larger selection of prints, especially in the early days. Simply put……we didn’t have much money to start a business, in fact we had nothing!  I had been on maternity leave for the best part of 2 years with a mortgage and two babies starting a business seemed impossible. Not only this but I wanted to design all our prints which takes time & money.  We shared our vision with family and close friends and a very kind family member loaned the money to get us started, for which we will be forever grateful.

Fluffy Ducks is 100% New Zealand designed and owned by me, a mum of two beautiful busy little boys. And with the help of a local mama who has a small graphic design business, together we create all our prints.

Now, about the nappies;

Re-usable/cloth nappies have such a stigma about them, too hard, too bulky, too ugly, cloths don’t fit, or I’ve even heard, too expensive.  But I promise you, it isn’t any of these with Fluffy Ducks, we have created a truly beautiful nappy that will fit newborn right through to toddler, they are trim enough that you will not have to size up in clothes and yet absolutely bomb proof with our 6 layer bamboo inserts. They also give you the option of using as an all in two (snap in the insert next to bubs skins) or pocket stuff (stuff the insert in the pocket). This means you can maximise the use of the cover, especially when bubs is young and immobile, then pocket stuff when they become a death rolling crocodile! There are lots of tips and tricks with use for skinny legs, chunky thighs, heavy wetters & flooders.

Rest assured when it comes to choosing Fluffy Ducks, you're in great hands as Our cloth nappy fabrics are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified and contain no harmful chemicals.


As for saving money, well, I wanted to make Fluffy Ducks affordable. We use premium material and each one comes with two super soft pure bamboo inserts as standard, which means you won’t have to upgrade your inserts at all. We were also pretty choosy when it came to our manufacturer in China. I wanted to be assured of fair wage and good working conditions, it took what seemed like forever to choose them, but I am grateful we did as I know how wonderful they are to us and to all of their workers.

Using our nappies full time, you will save around $3000. Use them on a second child and you save even more. That’s a holiday to Raro right there!
I know money is a huge part, but for me it’s not all about the savings, its about how much better cloth is for your wee ones toosh, and even more importantly how we leave our beautiful land for generations to come.

One final note…….

Fluffy Ducks was born with a mission to bring back cloth (modern cloth nappies aka MCN). Making it easy while bringing joy, style and a little sass into the chaos that is known as parenthood.


From me, Sheree, and the Fluffy Ducks Family

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