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Collection: Clever Wee Fox

About Clever Wee Fox from Priscilla:
I started Clever Wee Fox just over 4 years ago with the intention of bringing more cloth nappy options to the NZ market. At the time there were hardly any NZ brands and I wanted to have an affordable but good quality option for parents on a tight budget and thus Clever Wee Fox was created. I also wanted to stock some of my fave brands that were almost inaccessible in NZ.
The market has changed so much since then and we've grown and changed too but one thing has stayed the same and that's our goal to have affordable, good quality products.
Because we've been around for a while now, we've had customers share feedback that our nappies are still going strong after being passed down 2 or 3 of their children which makes me so happy to hear! 

One of my fave parts of this business is helping mums get started with cloth nappies and making friendships in the process, so if you're thinking of giving it a go or have any questions, I'm more than happy to help. 
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