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Why Use Cloth?


    The benefits of using cloth nappies are obvious, they are so much better for the environment, better for your baby's bum, better for your savings account (We're talking $1000's here!) but they also make nappy changes so much more fun!

    But we need to talk about the elephant in the room... All those negative things you hear about cloth nappies from your well meaning friends and family. When we told people we were planning to do cloth, they either gave us THE look ("naaaaaw, aren't soon-to-be-new-parents soooo cute and naive) or told us flat out that cloth nappies don't work, are too hard, and that we would change our minds once baby came. This made us even more determined to succeed, so I spent hours and hours and hours researching and when baby was born we were ready to white knuckle through this horrible cloth nappy thing, but surprisingly we found it was easy, and came naturally. 

    Mistakes people make when trying to use cloth:

    • Daily Soaking, scrubbing and complicated folding techniques! Time consuming and not necessary!
    • Trying only one brand or style, a nappy that suits one baby is not always a favourite for everyone
    • Trying to use  "one-size-fits-most" (OSFM) nappies on a newborn
    • Having an inadequate wash routine ending up with smells and stains

    The NappyMojo Difference:

    Leave the research to us, and succeed the easy way! Our packs ensure that without trying you will:
      • Spend very little time on nappy related tasks
      • Try a selection of different brands and styles to find your favourite
      • Use only the best, high quality, super absorbent nappies
      • Use nappies made specifically for newborns
      • Have a simple  and successful wash routine tailored to your particular washing machine and drying facilities