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Infant and Toddler Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Making the switch to cloth nappies can be daunting, there are so many options! But it doesn't have to be a hard decision, once you try them you will know what you love. Here are some of our customers most frequently asked questions.


Should I hire or just buy?

We recommend hiring first so that you know for sure what is going to work for you and your little one. With hiring there is no need to research what brand/style might suit you and your baby, you take away any risk of buyers regret, by trying them first. You also receive our intensive support to get your cloth nappy mojo flowing- personalised wash routine, detailed guide, email and phone support. You can then purchase the ones you loved for a reduced price.

Should I choose to hire one of the Newborn Packs or one of the Infant and Toddler packs?
  •  If your baby is under 4kg you are best to start with a newborn hire pack as OSFM nappies will be too big.
  • If your baby is between 4-5kg we can customise a newborn pack to include more of the larger fitting newborn nappies, so just let us know!
  • If your baby is over 5kg, it will be best to start with an Infant and Toddler Hire Pack which are designed as a trial to test out the OSFM (One size fits most) nappies which will last most children till around 2 years old or 15kg.
When does the hire period start?

Infant and Toddler hire period starts when you receive the pack.

Do I keep renewing the hire every 6 weeks?

No, the idea of our Infant and Toddler Hire packs is that you use the 6 weeks hire to gain the knowledge and skills to be able cloth nappy full-time on your own. Trying all the nappies helps you to make a solid purchasing decision for  after your hire. We are happy to extend if you need more time though. 

Whats the difference between a Personalised and a customised Infant and Toddler Hire Pack?

With the personalised hire packs, we ask you some questions about your personal situation (Drying facilities, baby shape, preferences etc) and then send you our pick of nappies which you are going to love! Choose this option if you don’t know much about different brands or styles and want to try a big range.

With the customised hire packs all the individual nappies are chosen by you. Choose this option if you know exactly what brands and nappies you want to try.

Should I choose sanitised or brand new nappies? 
  • Our sanitised Hire Packs are in excellent condition- No stains, fading or damage, elastics still tight. There may be light wear to velcro and light piling to some nappies, but nothing that affects use. We will never hire out any nappies that we wouldn't use on our own baby. Sanitised nappies are ready to use straight away.
  • If you select brand new nappies, you will never receive a used nappy. The brand new nappies require a prep wash prior to use, we can do this for you for a small fee. 
How are sanitised nappies cleaned between uses?
When the hire packs are returned we do a 4-6 hour deep cleaning mineral and detergent soak on anything with absorbency, followed by a 30 minute sanitise soak using dilute Sodium Hypochlorite which kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The nappies are then washed at 60 degrees. This method ensures 100% clean nappies that are safe for your baby. We then assess the nappies for their condition. If assessed as any less than excellent condition, they will be sold on via our TradeMe Store or donated to our charity partner Little Sprouts.
    What if I only like one style of nappy in the pack?

    The idea of the hire is to spend a short amount of time trying all the styles before committing to purchasing, we will encourage and support you to continue trying all styles, utilising boosters and fit tips to have success.

    Can I buy the nappies in the hire pack?

    Yes, we encourage you to purchase the ones you love for a reduced price, this can be done though each product on the website (Select ‘Hired Nappy’), and then you can top up with new nappies. 

    If the nappies get stained will I lose my bond?

    No. But staining can be a symptom that your wash routine needs some tweaking, let us know and we can provide a personalised wash routine to sort it out.

    What if the nappies leak or I have problems?

    Leaks happen! It’s a normal part of the process of learning about cloth nappies. The packs contain a selection of different styles, so all your eggs aren't in one basket. We also provide detailed, easy to understand instructions, and 7 day a week email/phone support. Contact us with any issues, we want to help!

    What if I change my mind?

    The whole hire price and part of the bond will be refunded if you change your mind before the nappies are sent out. A portion of the bond ($20) will be retained by us for time, processing costs, decrease in value of the items, and loss of business. If you change your mind at any time after the nappies are sent out, $40 will be retained for time and processing costs, and you will also be charged $10 a week for each week you have had the hire pack. See full terms and conditions for details