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Sard Stain Remover Bar
Sard Stain Remover Bar

Sard Stain Remover Bar

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Sard loves stains! This is our most favourite of all stain removers, cheap, easy to use and free of plastic packaging. Works best with the Silicone Poop Brush.



  • Eucalyptus fragrance
  • Specially formulated for the removal of tough dirt and grime and most household stains such as ballpoint ink, blood, grease, food, sauces, and animal stains. It can be used on hands, clothing, carpets, fabrics, carpets, tiles, and paintwork.
  • Sard Power is effective on all major Stain types (Protein, Coloured, and Greasy)
  • Safely shift through stains
  • Safe for Whites and colours
  • Effective in all wash temperatures
Instructions for use

Rinse the poop and give a scrub with the Poop Brush, rub Sard bar right into the stain, use poop brush to work it to the fabric, then throw it into your bucket until wash day!