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GroVia Hybrid Organic Cotton Soaker
GroVia Hybrid Soaker
GroVia Hybrid Soaker
GroVia Hybrid Organic Cotton Soaker
GroVia Hybrid Organic Cotton Soaker

GroVia Hybrid Organic Cotton Soaker

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The GroVia Hybrid Soakers purpose built to perfectly fit inside the GroVia Hybrid Shells. This product is for 2X Organic Cotton Soakers. 

  • Soft and super absorbent Organic Cotton
  • Snap in absorbency with gussets. Shaped to baby to prevent leaks
  • PUL on the back of the soaker for extra leak protection
  • One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) up to around 15kg
  • Due to the PUL waterproofing on the back of the soaker, if the shell is still dry, the shell can be reused with a new soaker
NappyMojo Ratings 
Best for Days
Absorbency Organic Cotton


Absorbency Level

Organic Cotton- 3/5 (Good)


4/5 (Very Trim)

Dry Time

Organic Cotton- 2/5 (Moderate)

Ease of use 4/5 (Very Easy)
Newborn Equivalent The Newborn GroVia is quite different. More similar to the newborn Bare + Boho
Similar to Bare + Boho AI2, Close Parent Pop-In

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