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GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)
GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)

GroVia Big O.N.E. (15-32kg)

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The GroVia O.N.E. has just gotten bigger and better! The Big O.N.E. is designed to meet the absorbency and size needs of larger children 15-32 KGs. 

  • Organic cotton absorbency in two thick snap-in boosters as well as built in absorbency in the shell
  • Stay dry on all interior surfaces of the nappy
  • Features the ‘Outlast’ Closure system
  • This is an excellent easy-to-use night nappy for a moderate wetter, and can be easily boosted for a heavier wetter
  • Nappies labeled as ‘Buttah’ are the deluxe version, exactly the same on the inside but the outer is shimmery, pillowy, and quite possibly the softest thing you've ever touched! Highly recommended for a super soft and comfy night nappy. 

*Please note- This product is unfortunately sold in a Plastic Bag, it does have a zip close on it, so could possibly be reused.

NappyMojo Ratings
Best for Days or Nights for moderate wetter
Absorbency Organic Cotton


Absorbency Level

Nights- 3/5 (Good) Days- 5/5 (Excellent). Can be boosted for nights if needed


Nights- 5/5 (Extremely trim) Days- 2/5 (Slightly bulky)

Dry Time

3/5 (Good)

Ease of use 4/5 (Very Easy)
OSFM Equivalent  It is exactly the same as the regular GroVia O.N.E. nappy but bigger
Similar to The Baby Behinds Extra Large All-In-One is similar sizing

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