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Counting Nappies Book
Counting Nappies Book
Counting Nappies Book

Counting Nappies Book

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Read along and discover all the cute, playful cloth nappies that Sophie and Caleb use today. You’ll love this eco-friendly family!

Frogs, flowers, cat astronauts, chickens, donuts, dinosaurs and more decorate the adorable cloth nappies in this story. Count back from ten as Sophie and Caleb use all the diapers in the basket as they show their daily routines. This interactive counting book features vibrant full-page illustrations and it is just as fun to read as it’s to look at because of its rhythm and rhyming text.

This book shows characters making eco-conscious choices like recycling, using cloth baby wipes, hanging garments on a clothesline, and growing herbs and vegetables in their backyard garden. Sophie and Caleb’s mother is shown baby wearing and breastfeeding. This book is not only a fun counting book, a celebration of cloth nappies, and a story of a daily routine. It is a narrative of modern green-living. Read along and be amused, represented, and entertained by this story.

Written and illustrated by harding working Mumma Amanda Jessep

  • Hardcover
  • 24 pages
  • 21.59 x 0.15 x 27.94 cm