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Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover
Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover
Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover
Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover
Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover

Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover

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Loved by parents all over the world and perfected over 16 years, the BBH reusable wool diaper cover is a serious game changer for your night nappy needs.

The Magic of Wool

We aren’t joking, there is magic to this wool cover. It repels moisture back into the nappy keeping clothes & bedding dry all night long. Simply wash, lanolise and pop over your chosen night nappy AND wool is self cleaning (yes seriously) and only needs to be washed every few weeks when it get smelly.  Lanolin can be hard to find in the shops, so we have it right here to order so you can get started on the magic of Wool Nappy Covers straight away.

When Lanolised well, it will only need washing every few weeks, unless soiled!

  • Holds wetness and is breathable for summer and winter
  • Sized Small (2.5-6kg), Medium (5-11kg), Large (10-16kg) or Extra Large (14-20kg)
  • Pulls up over any fitted nappy. Also can be used over a disposable nappy if you use them overnight, for extra protection.
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