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Using Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are really easy and make so much sense if you're already doing some or all cloth nappies.

Although disposable wipes can be handy when out and about. I like to see them as a luxury, as they are a huge environmental problem. If you do use them, they should never be flushed. Also some parents find that their baby reacts to the soaps in disposable wipes,. You can buy 'water wipes' which have no soaps or perfumes in them, but just plain water on a cloth is much cheaper. 

Cloth Wipes

You can use baby flannels or specific cloth wipes. All our hire packs come with cotton wipes that can be thrown in the wash with your nappies, or even just with your clothes if you're not using cloth nappies.

At Home

Just wet them with water from the tap before a nappy change, or put a bottle of water at your change table to wet them as you go. 

Out and about

The easiest way is to just have dry wipes in your baby bag, and wet them at a tap when your out, or with your drink bottle water! Or you can wet wipes before you leave. The Thirsties sandwich bags are  great size for carrying damp wipes. 

Cloth Wipe Solution

Its not necessary to make a spray for the wipes, water does a great job, but if you want that little bit extra cleaning power these ratios work really well:

1 TBSP (15mls) liquid baby soap (Eg. Castile soap, baby wash, whatever you like!)
1 TBSP (15mls) oil (Eg. Olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, whatever you like!)
1 cup (250mls) water 

Mix them all together and put them in a spray bottle, spray your cloth or straight on the bum!

Note: We don't recommend using essential oils, as there has been insufficient testing of these products in children under 2 years. 

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