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Nappy Liners

Liners are an optional addition, they are not a necessity, and are not the magical answer that is often promised!

Liners are a thin layer of either disposable or reusable material, designed to let liquid pass through and catching solid matter. They are not an absorbent layer.

These are some reasons you may consider using them:

  • To make clean up easier. Liners can catch some or all of the poop, making it easier to tip the poop off the liner,  give it a quick blast under the tap, or throw it away (If it's a disposable liner). Some people find that liners aren't very helpful for clean up with breastfed newborns, as the liquid poop goes straight through the liner anyway and the washing machine does all the hard work to get it out! 
  • To protect the nappy. Thick white creams containing Zinc Oxide can be harder top get out of nappies. With a 40-60degree wash it shouldn't be an issue, but some people like to use a liner to protect the nappy.
  • To keep the skin dry. Microfleece liners stay dry against the skin, so can be used in nappies that don't have their own 'staydry' layer. Disposable liners are not 'staydry'.


Disposable or reusable??

All Nappy Mojo hire packs come with micro fleece reusable liners, they are super soft against babies skin, can make clean up easier and are "stay dry”. Disposable liners can be bought online and in the supermarket, but never flush them!  Pease note that even if a liner says ‘flushable’ on the packaging, it is not recommended to flush them. They don’t breakdown easily are known to cause expensive plumbing issues in homes, and on their way to the treatment plant. 

In a nutshell, poop isn’t that hard to deal with once you get your system sorted. Knock, flush, blast or rinse, then move on with your day! Try out liners and see if they make your system easier, if not... its one less layer to deal with!

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