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Learning about cloth nappies

Cloth nappies used to be simple, everyone did the same flat nappy, with the same folds their mothers had taught them. And when you had an issue, your friend, sister, mother, neighbour, knew how to help. Nowadays, the options are endless, which is amazing, as it means there IS a perfect cloth solution for every baby and every family. Problem is, it makes it very confusing when you first start out.

This is the whole reason we started Nappy Mojo, so that you don’t have to do any research into the confusing world of all the different brands and styles. Hiring allows you to learn as you go, trying all the options before making the choice of what is right for you. 

All cloth nappy styles have

  • An absorbent part (Inserts, boosters, sewn in absorbency)
  • A waterproof part (Shell, Cover)
  • A closure part (Velcro/hook and loop, waist snaps/hip snaps, Snappi/pins)

Each different nappy differs in the way they design these three aspects and you won’t know which of the different options are best for you until you try them. No amount of reading or advertising will be able to help you decide.

Main styles of cloth nappies 

You can read about pros and cons of each of these styles by going to ‘Shop Nappies’ in the menu above and clicking on each type. 

  • All-in-One (AIO)- all absorbency is attached to the shell
  • All-In-Two or Snap-In (AI2)- absorbency comes apart from the shell
  • Pocket nappy- absorbency is tucked into a pocket inside the shell
  • Fitted (Sometimes called night nappy)- whole nappy is absorbent and secured around baby, then a separate cover goes overtop. 
  • Lay-In- similar to a All-In-two but the insert doesn’t snap in, and isn’t shaped 
  • Prefold- an absorbent rectangle which is folded and used in a cover, or secured around baby with a snappi
  • Flat- The old school nappies our parents and grandparents used. They are folded and secured with a snappi or pins
  • Preflat- A stretchy flat nappy that has cut in order to have wings, secured with pins or a snappi
  • Covers- Waterproof outers for using over top of Fitted nappies, Layins, prefolds or flats

Fabrics used in cloth nappies

Microfleece- This is a stay-dry non absorbent layer that lines some cloth nappies, or can be a separate liner 

Suedecloth- This is a stay-dry non absorbent layer that lines some cloth nappies, or can be a separate liner 

Microfibre- A polyester absorbent fabric used in basic inserts and some cloth nappies. Drys fast, absorbs fast. Liquid can come out when compressed. Releases microplastics when washed. 

Bamboo- A highly processed fabric from a natural source. Very absorbent and soft. Can be slower drying. 

Hemp- A more natural fibre. Very absorbent, holds onto liquid, Can be slower drying and can be hard when line dried. 

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)- A laminated polyester fabric used for waterproofing in modern cloth nappies

Wool- A natural fibre which can be used for a water resistant cover when regularly lanolised.

Choosing a newborn hire pack

If you're expecting a baby or have a newborn  under 4.5kg a newborn pack is suitable for you!

We like to keep it simple with just three newborn hire pack options so that you don't need to research what the styles above even mean! 

Essentials- Choose this one is you just want a basic and budget friendly way of using cloth nappies for the newborn period. These are still modern styles, but are all prefolds, lay-ins and fitted nappies requiring a separate cover.

Variety- Choose this one if you have no idea what you will like and want to learn about all the styles before committing! Contains lots of prefolds, lay-ins and fitted and an assortment of every single All-in-one and All-In-two available.

Mojo- Choose this one if you want to keep cloth simple. No prefolds, or lay ins. Just easy to use all-in-ones and all-in-twos, with some fitted nappies for night-time. 

Choosing a Infant/Toddler Hire Pack

If your babe is between 5-15kg any of our OSFM Hire Packs will be suitable. 

Customised Hire Packs

If you know exactly which brands and models of nappies you would like to try,  our Customised Packs allow you to choose the exact models which you will be sent for your hire. Just choose how many nappies you want and select your choices!

Personalised Hire packs

If you’re wanting some guidance on the best range of nappies to try for your baby and situation, our Mojo OSFM hire pack will be right for you! The selections in your hire pack will be personalised to your requirements based on the questions we ask you upon booking. 

Big Kids Hire Packs 

For older kids more than 15kg we now offer Big Kid Hire Packs for up to 30kgs. 

  As for washing them... Do not fear. Once you have booked your hire pack we will get you sorted with a personalised wash routine that suits you, your detergent and your facilities. 

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