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Preparing New Nappies

Its good to give your new nappies a wash to remove any impurities from manufacture, and it can boost the absorbency of natural materials. But there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that there is any benefit from doing multiple washes. So our advice- Keep it simple, save resources and get using those nappies ASAP!
  • Put them all on together, no need to do separate  washes 
  • Wash on warm (30-40 degrees) with a normal amount of your chosen detergent
  • Start using the nappies!
  • Natural materials (Hemp and Cotton) contain natural oils and *may* increase absorbency with a further wash. If you really want to ensure these nappies are at maximum absorbency, you can soak inserts overnight before washing them, or wash them a second time. But we don’t find it necessary. 
  • Bamboo is highly processed and does not contain natural oils. 

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