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The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)
The Mojo Pack (Newborn)

The Mojo Pack (Newborn)

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The easy way to get your cloth nappy mojo on!

New and improved in November 2021. Now featuring a bigger range,  more NZ Brands, and our new Right Size Guarantee! 

This pack contains a huge range of the easiest to use nappies, along with 2 styles of dedicated night nappies! Simple, easy and lets you try all the different types to learn what you love in a cloth nappy. 

What do you get?

  • 10 weeks hire
  • 24x All-in-One/All-in-Two/Pocket Nappies 
  • 4x Fitted Night Nappies with 2 covers
  • Night and Day Boosters
  • Cloth wipes and Liners
  • Bottom balm Sample
  • NappyMojo Bucket
  • Personalised Wash Routine
  • Easy to understand guidebook
  • Email, phone and text support

There are enough nappies in this hire pack to do full-time cloth on your baby with washing every 2 days OR do part-time cloth with washing every 3-4 days.

Right Size Guarantee

All the nappies in this hire pack are suitable for newborns, but newborns come in all shapes and sizes! If you know your baby is likely to be smaller or bigger than the average 3kg-4.5kg, you can select this option and we will send you some appropriate alternatives. If you don't know just go for the standard pack!

If you receive your nappies and then your baby is born smaller than 3kg or bigger than 4.5kg, no problem! You can book your free swap here. You will be sent some smaller/bigger nappies and a return label for some of the nappies in your pack. 

VIP Post-Hire Service

By hiring with us, you are automatically in our Mojo Masters Loyalty programme where every dollar you spend brings you closer to amazing cash back rewards! As our most valued VIPs, our hire customers also get special discounts and rewards and the ability to convert your bond to store credit towards the end of your hire.

How is the Mojo Pack different from the Variety pack?

  • No Prefolds, Pre-flats or Lay-In Inserts
  • No folds to learn, only the simplest of nappies. 
  • You get two of each nappy in your hire pack so it's less confusing 
  • More variety of super cute prints!

    You will be sent a selection from our amazing range of Newborn Suitable nappies:

    8x All-In-Ones

    • GroVia Newborn 
    • Tots Bots Teeny Fit
    • Baby BeeHinds Small
    • Paterpiller AIO (Handmade in NZ)

    8x All-In-Twos

    • Bubblebubs Bo Peep
    • Close Parent Pop-In Newborn
    • Clever Wee Fox Newborn (NZ Brand)
    • Kekoa Premium Newborn (NZ Brand)

    8x Pockets

    • Fudgey Pants Petite (NZ Brand)
    • Seedling MiniFit Pocket
    • Chuckles Prima Nano (NZ Brand)
    • Fluffy Ducks OSFM (NZ Brand)

      4x Fitted Nappies for night (Use with cover)

      • Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch
      • Bubblebubs Bam Bam

      2x Covers

      • Tots Bots Size 1 Stretchy Wrap
      • Brooksies Newborn Cover (NZ Brand)


      • 8x Nappy Mojo Bamboo Day Boosters
      • 2x Nappy Mojo Bamboo Night Boosters
      • 20x Nappy Mojo stay-dry reusable liners
      • 12x Bumkins reusable cloth wipes
      • Tui Balm Sample
      • Nappy Mojo Guide
      • Nappy Mojo Bucket
      • Personalised wash routine

      Right Size Swaps (Sent instead of some of the nappies above)

    • Thirsties Newborn
    • Rumparooz Lil Joey
    • Bubblebubs Pebbles
    • Bare and Boho AI2
    • GroVia OSFM AIO
    • Munchkin Mini (NZ Brand)

    • Please read our FAQ here to find out about the hire process