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The Essential Pack (Newborn)
The Essential Pack (Newborn)
The Essential Pack (Newborn)
The Essential Pack (Newborn)

The Essential Pack (Newborn)

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The Essential Pack is our brand new pack, allows you to try a huge variety of budget friendly modern cloth options. Prefolds are a simple, no-fuss way of cloth napping, and perfect for a newborn. The Essential Pack offers Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo Prefolds, lay-in inserts and the super popular Bubblebubs Bam Bams, as well as a great selection of different styles of covers. 

  • 10 weeks hire
  • 25 nappies (The absorbent part)- 4 different styles 
  • 8 Covers (The waterproof part)- 4 different styles 
  • Cloth wipes and Liners
  • 2 Snappi (Used instead of pins)
  • Bottom balm
  • NappyMojo Bucket
  • Personalised Wash Routine
  • Easy to understand guidebook
  • Email, phone and text support

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Why would you choose Basic over the other two packs?
  • The options in this pack are a cheaper way to cloth nappy
  • Prefolds fit a wider range of sizes as the fold can be altered depending on your baby's shape. 
  • The options in these packs dry faster than All-in-One and All-In-Twos
  • Can get you through the first newborn period before any bigger nappies you already have are going to fit your baby


  • 5x Thirsties Duo Insert Sets 
  • 5x Ecobots Cotton Prefolds
  • 5x Seedling Baby Bamboo ‘Diversifold’ (Great for nights when boosted)
  • 5x Rawr Stretchy Hemp Prefolds

Fitted Nappies for night (Use with cover)

  • 5x Bubblebubs Bam Bam

Covers (Mix of Snap closure and Velcro)

  • 2x Thirsties Size 1 Duo Wrap
  • 2x Tots Bots Size 1 PeeNut Stretchy Wrap
  • 2x Rumparooz Newborn Cover
  • 2x Seedling Mini Comodo Wrap
  • 2x Rawr Mini 360 Nappy Cover


  • 20x stay-dry reusable liners
  • 12x reusable cloth wipes
  • 2x Snappi (Used instead of pins)
  • Bubblebubs Bottom Balm
  • NappyMojo Guide
  • Nappy Bucket
  • Personalised wash routine
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