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Chuckles Prima Pull-Up
Chuckles Prima Pull-Up
Chuckles Prima Pull-Up
Chuckles Prima Pull-Up
Chuckles Prima Pull-Up
Chuckles Prima Pull-Up
Chuckles Prima Pull-Up

Chuckles Prima Pull-Up

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A deluxe stretchy pull-up nappy with heavy duty full bamboo absorbency. Ideal for wiggly babies, toddlers and big kids who aren’t ready for toilet training but who don't want to lie down! 

  • Hip snaps for quick pull-up baby and toddler changes, as well as catering for children who are ready to take control of their own toileting day or night.

  • Side snaps allow the fit to be easily adjusted once it is pulled on – if needed!

  • Cotton inner

  • To take them off, simply pull down or unsnap the side snaps if soiled – easy!

  • Absorbency- Comes with the full Chuckles Prima Insert set, 14 layers of Bamboo/cotton. Many children can use 1 of the inserts during the day or both for overnight. When toilet training, just remove the inserts and your left with 3 layers off absorbency to catch any accidents.

Nappy Mojo Ratings

Best for

Days or Nights


Bamboo Cotton Blend 

Absorbency Level

5/5 (Excellent for days) 4/5 (Very good for nights)


3/5 (Trim)

Dry Time

3/5 (Good)

Ease of use

4/5 (Very easy)

Newborn Equivalent

No pull up newborn versions, but similar pocket style to the Seedling Pocket

Similar to

RAWr Pull-Up



OSFM (8-18kg)

Large (17-30kg)

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