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Thirsties Pocket Print/Colour Happy Camper
Thirsties Pocket
Thirsties Pocket
Thirsties Pocket
Thirsties Pocket
Thirsties Pocket
Thirsties Pocket
Thirsties Pocket

Thirsties Pocket

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The Thirsties Pocket is a larger fitting pocket nappy with an easy to stuff pocket. Simple insert system combining fast absorbing Microfibre and a thirsty cotton/hemp blend.

  • Super adjustable and easy to use
  • The included inserts feature three layers of microfiber snapped together with five layers of hemp jersey; eight layers in all!
  • OSFM up to around 18kg
  • Snaps closure (Available to be ordered in Velcro)
  • The Natural Version has a cotton inner next to baby’s skin and only natural absorbency (No microfibre)

 NappyMojo Ratings
Best for Days

Microfibre and Cotton/Hemp. Or just cotton/hemp (Natural version)

Absorbency Level

4/5 (Very good)


3/5 (Trim) 

Dry Time

4/5 (Very good)

Ease of use 4/5 (Very easy)
Newborn Equivalent Similar feel to the Thirsties Newborn nappy, most similar to the Seedling Pocket
Similar to Baby BeeHinds Multifit Pocket, Rumparooz OBV, Thirsties AIO

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